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Rolling Shutter

We are a leading manufacturer of different types of Rolling Shuttters, serving in all over India, specially, in West Bengal


Window Grill

Leveraging on our skilled and qualified professionals, we are also actively involved in manufacturing a trendy range of  Window Grills.


Collapsible Gates

People also count on us for Mild Steel Collapsible Gates, that we manufacture   in varied patterns as per the requirements of our customers.


AMC & Repairng

We take care of your needs even after sales in the form of Maintainance  and Reparing Service at very compettitive rate in the market.


We Strive to…

Build Roller Shutters with unlimited power and Design Possibilities.

We also build other iron gates and windows .


These shutters form one of the most effective and durable security shutters. These are usually seen in bars, car Parks, counter and office cabinets to prevent theft or damaged, keeping the visibility of inner side intact for showcasing.

Iron Window Grill

Security is one of the most important thing we all want. Security could be in anything like job security, of life security or home security. For home security, today there are a variety of gadgets available in market but nothing is like as safe as having Grills for your windows and balconies. Grills are like guardians for homes. Grills are installed to not only provide security from burglars and thefts, but also help prevent accidents like tipping off the window. This is especially for those having small children or kids at home.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are also known as sectional overhead doors or roller doors. This is a type of window or door shutter with many horizontal slats or bars hinged together. They may also consist of web systems. This type of door is raised up to open and lowered to close.
One of the main distinctions of the different types of roller shutters would be residential and commercial roller shutters. While most residential roller shutters are aimed at security and insulation, industrial roller shutters focus on security and enhancing the ambiance.

Collapsible Gate

A collapsible gate is a practical way of securing a point of entry. They are made to measure and come in a white powder coat finish as standard. But we can supply it in a wide range of other colours to suit your requirements.

Collapsible gates are used widely in residential as well as commercial applications. They give a high level of security but also provide optimum ventilation and vision.

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